Schemes of the Lich King

Episode 17: Saving the Princess

In which the Palace of the Silver Princess is liberated

Continuing through the Palace of Princess Argenta, the heroes were in need of rest after expending all their martial and arcane energies on foul creatures and demonic entities. They rested in the bedroom of the court alchemist and laid low while they regained their energy. However, right as they were ready to pack up and continue, they were beset upon by not just one Hungry Star but a trio of them. Whereas the creatures were dispatched easily, they were now aware that powerful fell magic was in use somewhere in the palace.

Moving on, they encountered the palace garden. In a large, open air room, there was an indoor forest as well as overgrown gardens. But something more sinister had taken over as evil plants and sentient fungi had taken root as well as an Otyugh which proved to be a creature capable of great lethal prowess.

Moving on, and somewhat with the aid of Candella and Duchess, the group was pointed in the general direction of the throne room and they progressed, despite the protests of Glaedwin Longcleff who did not fully trust the pair of so called ‘ladies-in-waiting.’

The heroes eventually stumbled upon Princess Argenta’s bedchamber and found a variety of valuables that had not yet been pillages by the hobgoblins and other fell creatures that had taken over the castle. When Suriveth Varune peered from the bedchamber and looked across the scarred and dreadful land she spotted a sole rider on a horse that was slowly making their way away from the castle. hen the rider looked back, Suriveth and Glaedwin recognized the rider even at a distance. It was Marshalla, the mysterious alchemist in league with Elorg. It was evident that she was in some way involved with the fall of the palace.

Shortly after leaving the bedchamber of the Princess, the heroes came across a large iron door that had been covered in black, inky webs and a slightly sticky residue. It seemed as if it was a portent of great evil for whatever lie beyond the door. When the door was swung open, the heroes saw a wizard, later identified as Carthus, as well as a cambion assassin that identified himself as Davon the Reckoner, sent by the Diabolist to destroy Sir Bellivin. They were in the middle of a summoning ceremony and had the ruby bladed sword that Rowena the bard had counseled them on finding. As they tried to put a stop to whatever foul magic Carthus was using, their efforts were further impeded when Carthus summoned a Piscodaemon, perhaps one of the most fearsome creatures that they had yet encountered. Fortunately, once Carthus and Davon were dealt with, the Piscodaemon was also dispatched. It was greatly aided by the powerful arcane forces of Saerid Turquoise and his effective control over lightning.

Shortly after this harrowing battle, the heroes roamed further, encountering a few small battles with hobgoblins and other lesser dangerous creatures. But eventually the throne room was found and it was filled with statues of the court members. Sitting on the throne was My Lady’s Heart. Taking the advice from Rowena, Sir Bellivin used the ruby sword and destroyed the gem, releasing a cloud that seemed to free the court members from their stone-like state but also released Princess Argenta as well as Sir Ellis Remmy, her betrothed.

Once thanks were given and explanations were provided as well as the last of the evil creatures run off from the palace, Suriveth explained that they were members of the Half-Moon Exploring Company and the Princess not only rewarded them but took them to the treasury where they discovered what they were looking for in their quest to find out more about Darkveil: the Darkveil Amulet.

Saerid then accompanied the dwarves to an important meeting where they discovered their shame in what they had allowed to befall the Princess. Saerid was tasked with taking some important treasures to Anvil to hand over to Underlord Frockmeg. He agreed and since the heroes had discussed going to Anvil, anyway, this would be a good trip.

Meanwhile, Suriveth had gone to meet with one of the elven minsiters in Princess Argenta’s court, so that he could identify some of their unusual items they had found. He gladly explained what each did for them including identifying all the Soul Gems that were found. He also pulled her aside and explained that the Prince of Shadows was very pleased with her success and gave her a key to a secret location in Frostforge, a city in the northern wastes to the northwest of Ironwall. He suggested it would be a good place for she and her friends to go.

Not long after the great celebrations that were taking place in Haven, a darkness seemed to fall over the land. It was a floating city of the Archmage, Cloud. When envoys from the city came down, they wished to speak with Saerid and invited him, somewhat coldly, to accompany them back to the flying city to discuss matters of grave importance. Saerid and the rest of the group cut their merriment short and agreed to go with High Chamberlain Javast as his guests to the flying city..


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