Schemes of the Lich King

Episode 19: Under Forge

Secrets of the Dark Tapestry are discovered

The dwarven scouts that led members of the Half-Moon Exploring Company to the gates of Forge were stern but polite (for dwarves). Upon arriving at the main gates of the massive dwarven city, those who had never been there before marveled at the majestic and ornate detail in the mountain carvings. Upon entering the tunnels to the underground city, it was evident that many traders, dwarven and non-dwarven, used these roads to conduct business and exploration.

Going past the numerous dwarven taverns and shops that lined the road to the city, proper, Saerid Turquoise reminded the group of the importance of finding the loremaster, Frockmeg, as he not only was to whom they had to deliver important treasures, but was also who they were told would have information on the Dark Tapestry.

Upon arriving in the true city of Forge, several of the adventurers decided this was a good opportunity to sell some rare items and attempt to find some better equipment for their adventures. As Suriveth Varune and Glaedwin Longclef were interested, in particular, Saerid showed them to a place he was familiar with, a knicknacker named Algrin who ran an establishment aptly titled ‘Algrin’s Store.’

Upon concluding their business there but before seeking out Frockmeg, Saerid decided there was another stop they needed to make. The mysterious and sinister item in their possession known as Bludhammer needed to be dealt with and Saerid decided that there was one group that would be best to leave it with – the Brotherhood of the Silent Voice. Since Saerid had a connection with these ancient warrior monks, they approached their monastery and after a brief negotiation, left the hammer with them but managed to eek out a few treasures from the monks as a sign of appreciation. It was here that the rest of the Half-Moon Exploring Company received their first education on the mysterious Mezzilen, the dwarven traitor now in the service of the Lich King. It was then that they went to meet Frockmeg.

Frockmeg was an eccentric and academic dwarf who worked in the vast libraries in Forge. Frockmeg seemed amicable even if his attendant, Helgrin did not. After presenting Frockmeg with the chest of treasures given to them by the dwarves of Haven, they then got down to business, explaining that agents of the Archmage sent them to ask about the Dark Tapestry. Frockmeg, alarmed that they would broach a topic in such a public location, dismissed all of his assistants except Helgrin and began to explain the dangers involved with the Dark Tapestry.

The Dark Tapestry, he explained, was something of a mystery. It was not an actual tapestry but would manifest like a constellation from time to time. There were numerous forces in the service of the Diabolist as well as the Lich King who were interested in uncovering its secrets, likely so they, too, could find the city of Darkveil. Agents of these dark powers, including the vile Black Lodge would stop at nothing to find it and had agents everywhere, as told by the prophecies, suggesting that allies would become enemies and traitors, thus few people could be trusted with such knowledge that had a habit of twisting and perverting those who came to understand such dark information.

Frockmeg did recognize that Saerid, with his unusual runes across his body and crackling energy, was someone with a special attunement and further recognized that he had gone through a ritual, readying him for understanding and interpreting the Dark Tapestry. Therefore, stated that he would have a guide ready for them in the morning who would take them into the ruins of a Duergar stronghold, a place called the Blood Ruins. There they would know the Dark Tapestry when they saw it and with Saerid, they could interpret the meanings that few others could. The guide, Frockmeg’s niece, Denralla, would meet them near the south gates of the city in the morning.

The following day the group gathered and did, indeed, meet Denralla. She was a proud scout, who had great familiarity with the ancient subterranean networks that connected Forge with the ruined under city that once belonged to the Duergar. Whereas she seemed to have little understanding of the Dark Tapestry, she was more than familiar with the Blood Ruins, the location they sought. Glaedwin Longclef, in an effort to get fresh with her, got more then he bargained for when she simply cut through the flirtatious talk and simply grabbed his manhood to judge for herself if the conversation was ‘worth pursuing.’

After these pleasantries were set aside, Denralla led them through the tunnels towards to Blood Ruins. After facing several challenges, including some wild umber hulks, the group came to the Blood Ruins, a former council chamber of a Duergar war council. On the ceiling above them was a black void that eventually began to come onto view for Saerid. Once the full vision came into view it was a constellation style map of the Dragon Empire. But before it could be fully studied, a Duergar warband came onto the scene, led by Helgrin, Frockmeg’s trusted lieutenant. Clearly Frockmeg’s reference to traitors was an eerie foreshadowing.

Fierce as the battle was, the members of the Half-Moon Exploring Company came out victorious with the Duergar dead and Helgrin dealt with permanently. As they caught their breath, the company knew it would not be long before more Duergar would arrive so they studied the map carefully. The constellation seemed to reveal the location of Darkveil as well as the items needed to get there. The full Path to Darkveil was revealed. At this point they made their way back to Forge.


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