Schemes of the Lich King

Episode 20: Ironwall

An adventure, north of Ironwall

Prior to setting out from Forge, the members of the Half-Shadows had some final business to conduct. The long standing invitation from the mysterious dwarven organization, the Guild of Hammers awaited. Since it had been months since the invitation had been extended and since the members of the company had not yet approached the Guild, they felt that now was the best time to approach. Suspecting that Saerid Turquoise and Denralla would be most helpful in this discussion, they were recruited to do most of the talking, at least initially.

After some initial buzz by the Guild, the members of the company were taken to an audience with the Seer of the Guild, an ancient, blind dwarf with the ability to retell prophetic dreams. He spoke to the heroes of the role they had to play, speaking to Glaedwin Longclef as the man who ‘could see the undead.’ Aside from other vaguely worded prophecies, he provided them with the Fire Opal of Forge, an artifact with abilities to detect magic artifacts, hoping it would aid them in their quest to find Darkveil as he stated this was of extreme importance but filled with dangers.

Further, he explained perhaps one of the most troubling statements. He said that the Diamond of Destiny which protected the city of Dragonmeet from the ravages of the Lich King would be under attack soon and if it were destroyed by the Lich King’s agents, this would spell doom for the city. However, he went on to tell Tomorachian that if it were destroyed, this would reveal secrets for Araponda, something that all followers of the goddess would benefit from. Tomorachian would have to make a choice.

After leaving the Seer, the group returned to the dwarven council who asked the heroes to take a chest of jewels back to Princess Argenta. Since they were still filled with grief over what had happened with the Eye of Arik, they were hoping to regain her favor with some dwarven crafts and jewels. This was an important package that Saerid and the Half-Shadows were taking. After replenishing their provisions and one last stop at the Last Chance Tavern, they were on their way. There was a brief discussion of whether or not to go over land or go through the dwarven tunnels underneath the earth but in the end, it was determined that over land was the safest way to go.

Their stop in Haven three days later was brief but well received. The Princess was gracious and honored over the gifts the dwarves had sent and had a feast in honor of the Half-Shadows, continuing to thank them over their service in freeing the land from the evil that had cast a shadow over it.

Upon leaving Haven, their path was to take them northwest as they would travel beyond Ironwall into the northern wastes. It would be there that they would find a way to take Blackrazor from Una Helta, the Winter Witch. Dtermining Ironwall would be a good stop for a few nights, they made their way there with minimal encounters.

Once in Ironwall, the group spent a day or two shopping for more provisions and relaxing. Glaedwin tried to find some connections or others traveling north, in hopes that larger numbers would be a safer journey. Eventually he heard of Sir Corliss Waybore, a knight in the service of the Crusader who was going the same direction with some troops. After meeting Sir Corliss and determining that he was an honest, if not zealous follow of the Crusader, Glaedwin arranged for the two groups to travel together. Sir Corliss wanted to meet the rest of the group that evening as he had rented out the entire tavern for his men for a grand feast. Suriveth Varune managed to get in early to perform at the event but keeping a watchful eye over the soldiers and any interesting conversation that had transpired.

The following day, the group met up at the northern gates of Ironwall. They were surprised to see Sir Corliss not only with his men but also a large cart with a cage, holding a single prisoner. Claiming that the woman inside, Ohrana, was a witch being transported, it was something the heroes had not yet considered. They felt it was best to not speak to her even when she made a weak attempt to speak to Saerid.

Traveling for just two days, the destination would be the adventuring attraction, the Northern Colossus where the group would then part company. However, the group was beset upon by a group comprised of Ice Trolls and Frost Giants. Whereas it was shocking to see such icy creatures so far south, it was not something that they had time to truly ponder was all of Sir Corliss’ men were wiped out in the altercation except for a few scant survivors. It was at this point that Sir Corliss proposed a new plan: he would pay for the Half-Shadows to accompany him to the final destination which was about two days north of the Northern Colossus and four days out of their way. When pressed, he claimed that the witch, Ohrana, would be put to death and her soul would open a new Hellhole that the Crusader and his agents could use to invade the underworld and attack forces of the Diabolist.

This was an offer that the group would have to consider as it was not entire certain Ohrana was someone who should be subjected to the fate Sir Corliss had in mind for her.


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