Schemes of the Lich King

Episode 22: The Battle for the Northern Colossus

As the Half-Shadows progressed towards their goal, the Northern Colossus, (the ultimate goal still being Refuge they had to keep watch for agents of the Crusader as they were concerned their previous actions of freeing Ohrana, could come back to haunt them. They chose to take the safer route and stay in the wooded regions in order to avoid detection.

During one evening Saerid Turquoise had a dream where an agent of the Archmage came to him. The agent told Saerid that an opportunity was coming to aid the plans of the Archmage and that it would present itself when another agent would come to collect an important treasure. In passing, the agent in the dream also stated that their ally, Dracovel Kilvesh was safe.

As they closed in on the outer edge where the Northern Colossus stood, they came across a band of hobgoblins marching in the general direction of the Northern Colossus. Keeping their distance, Glaedwin Longclef approached to get a better look. He discovered that the hobgoblins were not only well armed, but organized, which was not normal for the disorganized, ragtag lot. Further, they were transporting large battering rams, for some unknown purpose.

As they got closer and closer Tomorachian became sick with some virus that made him weak and lethargic. Ohrana stated that it was likely something temporary and that she would tend to him but it would make their travel somewhat slower.

As they finally got to the edge of the Northern Colossus, they expected to see travelers, pilgrims and adventurers come to and fro, but instead they saw that the road leading to the massive statue was littered with corpses, having been attacked, evidently, by hobgoblins, perhaps in league with the ones they had encountered previously. And when they came to the site, they saw a massive army of hobgoblins and xorn slaves that had set up camp all around the great wonder. They could tell that based upon the patrols they were seeing, it appeared that a main group seemed to wait behind while many of the groups wandered out in search of prey. The plan was then decided that they would attack, ridding the area of the forces of evil, once many of the patrols were gone, giving them an easier time.

That night, Ohrana took Tomorachian to safety as his illness was still with him. Saerid, Koldrag and Suriveth Varune attacked from the south and Wolfram Delamanse, Glaedwin and Denralla attacked from the northern edge as they noticed a massive gong under heavy protection and decided that was something they would want to take out of the picture.

As the fight got underway and the small but potent adventurers made their presence known, they soon encountered the leadership of the hobgoblins, a powerful demonic creature named Vallhe as well as a hobgoblin general named Rollick and a fallen lammasu named Uzune. The fight was a long battle that ended with the minions of evil defeated and Vallhe sent back to her plane of origin. However, one of the heroes, Denralla, fell in battle. Before they could take time to mourn her loss, they were beset upon by another foe – Greenvyle, a dracolich in the service of the Lich King who had been silently stalking them for several days. It took all they had, but Greenvyle, too, was defeated. Curiously, from the evidence gathered, it appeared that the Lich King was involved and that he and the Diabolist had formed an unholy alliance.

As they searched through the remains of what was left behind, they discovered that the gem that served as Greenvyle’s eye was the same color of green that appeared in Saerid’s dream from the Archmage. They took that into their possession, knowing someone would come looking for it. More importantly, aside from some of the treasures they discovered, one particular item was of great importance. Opening a chest, they discovered one of the items they sought for their excursion on the Path to Darkveil, namely the Staff of the Void. This would remove the need for them to go to the treacherous and dangerous city of Drakkenhall.

Gathering their hard won treasures and tending to Denralla’s body, they began to see a massive hobgoblin army forming, perhaps heeding some call from the forces that they had defeated. Realizing they were badly outnumbered by the forces of evil, they were preparing themselves for a last stand. But that is when they heard the horn of the elven rangers. The emissary from the Elf Queen, Vyper appeared on horseback with an army of the Elf Queen’s forces, ready for battle. What then followed was a massive force that went head to head with another force at the base of the Northern Colossus. When the heroes merged on the winning side of the elves, many lay dead but not in vain – the hobgoblin army was gone. However, there was yet another twist awaiting them.

Some of Vyper’s advisers were displeased with the Half-Shadows. There were scouting reports that an individual meeting Marshalla’s description had been seen and that this nefarious agent of the barbarian leader, Elorg, was in the area. The Elf Queen had divined that Suriveth was involved with this person of interest and was to be taken into questioning. Preparing for perhaps another altercation, cooler heads prevailed and Vyper allowed the group to go free but they had to move quickly. Vyper stated that she would try and explain things to the Elf Queen.

As they were preparing to leave, a dwarven sage appeared, introducing himself as Guulen. Saerid instantly recognized him as the one likely in service to the Archmage. After handing him the gem from Greenvyle, he thanked them and wished them luck on their quest.

With that, the group was prepared to move on to Refuge.


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