Alcide Throckmotten

Master Spy, Drinker, Lover, and Infamous Scoundrel


Icon Relationships:

Prince of Shadows: 2 positive
Diabolist: 1 conflicted


Master Spy (2)

Consort of the Shadow Elf Queen Silivrenniel (3)

Noble Birth (1)

Has an Eye for Value (1)

Member (In Not So Good Standing) of The Shadow Port Thieves Guild (1)


Alcide of House Throckmotten is the son of Minster Throckmotten. One of the founding families of Magnimar, House Throckmotten was once one of the most powerful and influential families in all of Magnimar. In fact Lord Balish Throckmotten served as a chief advisor to Emperor Henrich III, father of the current emperor. Sadly, House Throckmotten has fallen on hard times due to a variety of events – poor leadership, bad business deals and the machinations of Lucien Autemtide. As the son of the second son of a family in decline, Alcide quickly realized that he would have to find success in life somewhere else. After apprenticing on a variety of shipping vessels including the Dragon’s Fury, learning whatever skills anyone would teach him, he finally settled in Shadow Port.

There he quickly caught the eye of Kallish, a senior member of the Shadow Port Thieves Guild. Kallish took Alcide under his wing becoming a mentor and father figure he never had.

Shortly after Kallish took on the mantle of Master of Thieves, his long lost daughter Sybine arrived from Horizon. At the time Alcide could not have realized his life would truly change forever the day he met Sybine. Their love affair was white hot and destined for trouble. Even though Kallish disapproved he looked the other way as long as the two were discreet.

One night Sybine revealed the truth to Alcide about why she had come to Shadow Port and who had brought her here. After his initial shock wore off, she presented her plan for him. She knew of Alcide’s desire to restore his family name and bring House Throckmotten to prominence again. She told him all this was possible and more, if he would agree to give himself over to the Prince of Shadows. He would have to give up what little he had in life that he held dear and swear unconditional loyalty – including her. After much heated debate, Alcide finally agreed to Sybine’s deal. He would sacrifice his home in Shadow Port, his membership in the Thieves Guild, the man he loved like a father, risk his very life, and most importantly turn his back on the woman he loved. In return for swearing loyalty to the Price of Shadows, she promised he would have the chance at redemption for House Throckmotten and a life of adventure. After there last passionate night together, Alcide left and has not seen her since…

Alcide “wronged” Sybine, drawing the anger of Kallish and a death warrant from the Thieves Guild. He promptly fled to Dragonmeet. There he meet the mythical Prince of Shadows and a bargain was struck. Alcide became an agent of the Prince. He wears a ring once worn by the Prince himself as a sign of allegiance. The ring also announces to the initiated that Alcide is the Princes’ man and should be treated accordingly. The ring has magical properties and looks like a normal unadorned silver ring to the uninitiated. To anyone with a relationship with the Icon, they can see the ring for its true nature – black as the night with a faint glow. With their agreement in place, the Prince negotiated a truce with Kallish ending the immediate threat against Alcide. In exchange for conducting various missions for the Prince, Alcide has access to the leeway and resources to peruse his prize – Darkveil, Lost City of Gems.

Alcide Throckmotten

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