Alivyre the Expert

A rogue, fence and information broker


Alivyre the Expert is a recent addition to Bayne Alley in the Satyrn Market. She arrived about 6 months ago, selling unusual weapons, paying for fenced jewels and making promises she could find the right item for those who were looking for one. Whether it was a special gift for a fiance, a special ingredient for a poison or a magic dagger, Alivyre has been able to match people up with their needs. However, she charges a high price for this service as there is an increasing danger in her business model. When not found in Bayne Alley, she can sometimes be found in some of the local taverns, including The Liar’s Club and the Slippery Squid.

Naturally, Alivyre has gained the attention of the city watch as someone to question when the pressure is on to get to the bottom of some criminal activity. She has also come under some suspicion from the local thieves’ guild as someone who is coming dangerously close to encroaching on their territory without becoming a full member and ‘paying dues.’ Either way, when things get too hot, she seems to disappear for a few days and resurface when things are more calm.

Due to her constant travels, she is a font of useful information on what is going on in other locations as well as the history of weapons, armor, artwork and unique arcane items. She certainly has an interest in the darker side of things but this may be more due to curiosity than to an allegiance.

Alivyre the Expert

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