Arkus Bliore

A man at the center of great tragedy


Lord Akrus Bliore sits as the only remaining member of House Bliore after a series of seemingly endless and unfortunate tragedies. With his entire family effectively wiped out, Arkus holds court over nobody and simply performs his job as the duchy’s record keeper and archivist. Upon the deaths of his aunts and uncles, Lord Arkus seemingly spends his time performing his courtly duties, returning home and entertaining a variety of female guests who have taken a shine to him in his numerous moments of tragedy.

However, Lord Bliore keeps a variety of secrets. Ellyna Dirkane was approached by Lord Bliore when she first came to Dragonmeet and the young man, not yet mired in tragedy, asked her to perform a variety of tasks, paying her handsomely, of course. He explained that there were a variety of evil people in Dragonmeet and that they needed things taken from them that they had stolen. The Master of Poisons had stolen some chemicals that needed to be returned to their rightful owner, a horrible wild animal had been tortured in a family basement and a small host of other wrongs needed righting and Ellyna was happy to help.

However, after performing some of these tasks, Ellyna discovered that Lord Bliore was not the kind young man he seemed to be and that he had lied to her about these people. They were not the knaves he made them out to be. At this point Ellyna ended her relationship with the man she now saw as a liar and a schemer.

Arkus Bliore

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