A gnome with more scars than treasure


Balu was once a powerful spinner of illusions and a wonderfully talented and charismatic figure. His association with the adventuring company, The Wyverns, made him wealthy and popular with everyone with whom he came into contact. Free with his money for friends and always one to kick back with tales of his adventures, all this changed when he traveled to the Isle of Fire.

The Wyverns, never one to back down from a challenge, decided that they would undertake a trek to the dangerous location where fire drakes roamed freely. Rumors of treasure hoards and mines filled with diamonds, was the major lure. Balu did the research ahead of time and charted the right path and even hired on Ellyna Dirkane as a contract member of the group. Ellyna and Balu became fast friends as Balu was able to calm his new friend with logic and thoughts of compassion, especially with regards to the rage she was feeling towards the loss of her village and family.

Making their way to the Isle of Fire ended up being the worst mistake The Wyverns could have made. For the location was far more dangerous and deadly than any of the members could have predicted. In short time, The Wyverns were picked off one by one, fire drakes burning them alive and eating their still smoldering bones. Whereas Balu survived, it is argued that it would have been better had he died. The horrific and disfiguring scars he suffered broke him, mentally and physically. He turned from his fun-loving ways to that of a bitter, angry creature, wanting little to do with the rest of the world.

Those who have heard him speak on the subject, with broken and scared vocal chords, have heard him comment that the Isle made him see the folly of his prior ways, as he was distracted by frivolity and foolishness. Now he dedicates his life to research, study and some day darker arts.


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