Barnaby Silverarch

A lover of the arts


Lord Barnaby Allevon Silverarch is a well known eccentric in Dragonmeet but due to his wealth and kindness, he is well loved by many of the residents. Free with his money for the poor and a patron of the arts, Lord Barnaby throws lavish parties where he has only the finest musicians, artists and poets who entertain his guests.

It could be said that his full time job is decorating his home and making expensive renovations but that would ignore what his duties are for Terros and Dragonmeet. Lord Barnaby has been tasked with overseeing the Dragonmeet infrastructure. It is he who ensures that are the roads are kept in working order, the proper trees are kept healthy and bridges and cleanliness is maintained. He also has the unenviable task of maintaining public health, which mostly means he provides the Duchess with advice on how to proceed in case of an outbreak of a disease.

The truth of the matter is that Lord Barnaby is interested in none of this, leaving it to underlings and civil managers under him while he plans his lavish affairs and beautifies his home with artwork, statues and has musical pieces composed for his consumption. He has minimal interaction with his official duties other than to place his signature upon them and even then, he likely has a member of his household staff forging his name.

Lord Barnaby’s household staff is almost entirely comprised of shadow elves. Most of them lithe and attractive female shadow elves and there are, naturally, rumors among his peers of his ‘depraved’ interest in shadow elves as a sexual outlet. Those who have been to his home for any length of time also come away with this distinct feeling. His household stewardess, Channathiel, is certainly a thing of beauty to behold and tightly controls the affairs of the house.

One of the few entities in his household that is not a shadow elf is his cousin’s child, Omren, who came to hive with him from Shaydenhall, where it was felt that Omren could learn the ways of court from the people of Dragonmeet, However, Omren’s interest is in using his family’s money to invest in the vastly growing shipping trade in Dragonmeet. Truthfully, his uncle Barnaby does not care one way or another.

A well kept secret about Lord Barnaby is that he fathered a child with his secret shadow elf lover, Issel. He kept this quiet and murky from people in Dragonmeet for fear of reprisals. And when his brother, Icheal was killed by bandits, bringing his wife and child to Dragonmeet, he later circulated the story that Ichael and Issel were husband and wife. Silivrennriel agreed to keep this story secret among her own people, though it is unclear what price she asked for her silence and betrayal of her own. Lord Barnaby still maintains this secret to this day even though his daughter, Suriveth Varune, has recently come to Dragonmeet, a secret he may some day tell her if the circumstances are right.

Barnaby Silverarch

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