Baron Puno Graystone

Controlling force in Witchburn


Baron Puno Graystone is a member of House Graystone and is the final authority in Witchburn. Whereas many nobles in the Dragon Empire are aloof and stand firmly on various traditions and decorum, Baron Puno has abandoned all of that to be his own man. Certainly he does live in a massive manor house, but he regularly has his subjects over to drink and dine with him. He is an active hunter and often goes on hunting excursions with his men and other respected rangers in the area. Baron Puno’s abilities are unrivaled by most in his area.

The Baron is rarely without his arms nearby and likes to dispense justice, personally, as well as take an active role in protecting his subjects from threats. He grows bored with financial or diplomatic discussions and defers to his seconds for these kinds of matters.

Several years ago, under increasing pressure from a failing economy in his area, Baron Puno instituted Baron’s Faire which is a week-long festival where hunters come from miles around to sell exotic animals they captured, bringing in nobles and merchants to bid on them, with the Baron taking a cut from each sale.

At the most recent Baron’s Faire, tragedy struck when several of the animals got loose, including a bullette, a giant scorpion and a pair of large bears. Whereas few people were killed, it was disastrous to the individuals who owned the bullette and giant scorpion, as their animals were killed in the fracas. Whereas the blame was placed on a group of bugbears for opening the cages, most were unaware that it was actually Wolfram Delmanse, Glaedwin Longclef and Kouro Marmari who released the creatures due to their belief that trading in these creatures was immoral.

After the adventurers present were able to prevent more deaths by attacking the creatures, the Baron, unaware of their involvement, hailed them as heroes, inviting them back to his estate for a celebratory feast. He discussed how those who lost creatures would be compensated, this was temper with his excitement and gratitude for their martial prowess. He offered each member of the party a House Graystone Signet Ring which contained the ability to insert Soul Gems but would also signify them as respected allies of House Graystone. In return, he asked that in several months they would return and help him hunt down creatures they could give to the wronged animal owners. Kouro, politely declined.

That night, Baron Puno invited Ellyna Dirkane to stay with him as he was impressed with her beauty as well as her strength. She stayed the night with him and enjoyed a different side of the Baron’s company.

One of the few things that the Baron seems to have an active interest in is negotiating mining rights with the dwarves of the north. He feels that allowing some of his people to travel to the north and mine out valuable ore in exchange for timber rights in his lands would be of great benefit to both people. However, the dwarves seem to want far more than they are willing to yield.

Baron Puno Graystone

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