A merchant and speaker of nonsense


Bressler is a cart merchant who rolls into Dragonmeet when it suits him, setting up his business in Satyrn Market with his cart, aptly called Bressler’s Cart.

Bressler sells a variety of odds and ends, claiming he only has things people need, not he things they merely want. This eccentric character will often sell or trade or even barter for unusual items. Many think he is touched by Ohn or Hella (or some of Hella’s demons). Either way, those who deal with him never have a positive experience as he constantly mutters, says gibberish and at times seems to speak backward. The only person who seems to engage him in meaningful conversation is Brother Amet.

There is a touch of unnerving mystery to him, as well, as few people seem to be able to remember the last time he was around, notice him when he comes in or even see him the same day those others do. Whispers persist that he is someone who should be turned over to the Church of Primus for further investigation but this has fortunately not transpired as those who make use of his wares have always been satisfied. Perhaps the satisfaction is not immediate but the realization does come, in time, to everyone.


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