Brit Shortcoin

Charming owner of The Dirty Vixen


Brit Shortcoin comes from the dales outside Cyromeer where the halfling community is spread far and wide and the Shortcoin clan is well respected as leaders. Brit, wanting to be a leader in his own right, made his way to Shadow Port where he began learning a trade as a sell sword and rake. Running afoul of the Shadow Port Thieves Guild, (over some dispute involving gambling debts) he quickly made his way out of town and signed on with a variety of mercenary companies, including The Wyverns, mostly exploring and living the life of adventure.

After a decade of the wild life, Brit had found he had amassed quite a fortune and figured the best way to dispose of it was to buy a tavern. Much to his dismay, no taverns were actually available to purchase so he did the next best thing – purchased an existing building and turned it into a tavern, calling it the Dirty Vixen, naming it after someone he used to know. Or at least, he says so with a mischievous grin.

Brit has been running the Dirty Vixen for three years, turning the tavern into quite a success in the Diamond District, settled near the House of Lavation and the Palace of Infinite Dreams. His location seems to contribute to that success. He enjoys the drinking, rumor-mongering, carousing and gambling that comes with an establishment such as his and seems to make the finest of hosts.

Brit’s connection to mysterious powers seems to be a topic of conversation. According to rumor, he has let it slip that there may be a mysterious benefactor that owns the tavern and he is merely the front man, but things said during long sessions of cards is hardly something to be believed.

Brit hires most of the staff, himself, enjoying the thrill of chatting with pretty girls (who seem to comprise most of his employees). Aside from the cute bar maids and singers he books, his most notable employees are Tara-ka, his exotic dancer and Stessia, his chief enforcer for the tavern, both beautiful women.

Brit Shortcoin

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