A barmaid at the Slippery Squid


Bronwyn is the most popular barmaid at the Slippery Squid for the two years she has worked there. She has a love of bawdy and risque jokes, can curse like the sailors who are her clients and most importantly can carry up to 6 large steins of ale at once. She takes care of her customers well and enjoys the healthy tips they provide.

Bronwyn can certainly handle her own when customers get rowdy and out of hand. Not afraid to use one of the large steins or glass mugs as a weapon to ‘calm someone down’ she is also respected enough to where she would have many loyal customers at her side if there were some unwelcome advances towards her.

Her boss, Jorune, does look after her, like an older brother and lets her run the place in his absence. She also has a soft spot for the prior bartender, Kouro Marmari as she liked to trade insults with him but also respected his bawdy sense of humor.


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