Brother Amet

Apostate Satryn proselytizing for the New Gods


Amet, or “Brother Amet” as he now insists on being addressed, is an oddity among Satryrns, and that is saying a lot. He claims to have been a Wise One from the village of Pines Under the Moon, which was situated in the northern reaches of the Bitterwood near Shaydenhall. Unfortunately, that village was overrun by a Hordling incursion nearly forty years ago and its inhabitants scattered, so it would be difficult at best to verify Amet’s claims.

Amet will tell anyone who will listen, and many who actively try to avoid listening, that the Masked Ones, known to the outside world as the Old Gods, are false idols, the manifestations of too much drink on the part of his fellow Satryns. He has embraced a unique interpretation of the New Gods, held, as far as anyone can tell, only by him. According to Amet, Primus and Hella are conjoined twins, who swing between trying to kill the other and engaging in uninhibited sex with the other. This relationship already has produced an offspring, the neutral, and neutered, God Ohn, who remains connected to Hella by its umbilical cord.

Needless to say, the Church of Primus disagrees with this description of their God and are eager to shut Amet up but are wary of harming such an obviously unbalanced creature. Other Satryns, for the most part, consider Amet to be an embarrassment, but not the worst their race has produced over the ages.

Amet does have one disciple, a Satryn ingenue named Feliciel Artema, who appears to be as innocent as she is gullible. Nonetheless, she can be fiercely defensive of Amet when he is verbally or physically abused, and is surprisingly handy with a quarterstaff.

Most recently, Amet’s message has stressed his belief that Hella has conceived from Primus another child, and that this one “is going to be a full nasty wanker, I mean, a seriously dangerous gint.” But he’s crazy, so it’s just more foolishness. Right?

Brother Amet

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