Calinda Lydon

Reclusive noblewoman with a horrific agenda


By every account, Calinda Lydon, of House Lydon, was one of he most beautiful young noblewomen of her time, and one of the most sought after by suitors. Yet her life took a terrible turn on her wedding day when the Black Lodge attacked her ancestral home in Shaydenhall, murdering her father, her fiance and many others in retaliation for her father’s refusal to cooperate in a business deal. From that moment, Calinda withdrew from society, taking up residence in her family’s estate, Three Streams, near the edge of the Bitterwood near the shores of Calamity Lake.

Except for her loyal retainers, the world seemed to have forgotten Calinda. Now 95 years old, she continues to reside in her shambling manor house seemingly without a thought to the outside world. But Calinda has been anything but idle over the past 75 years.

The massacre on her wedding day broke Calinda and, like a snapped bone that is not set properly, she mended in a warped manner. In her loneliness, Calinda came to blame not only the Black Lodge, but the entire Imperial and noble system for her loss. She became obsessed with the utter destruction of the Dragon Empire. To that end, she has worked quietly and stealthily behind the scenes to encourage the rising power of the High Druid and the machinations of the Diabolist. As Calinda has said to her only truly trusted advisor, Steward Mallicot: I want to see demons howling through Axis with the streets ablaze with flame and the Wild Wood consume the arrogant towers of Horizon. It is said that she may have submersed herself in the ways of witchcraft, but those may be unfounded rumors. She has yet to react to the decision of the Duchess Lysandra to readmit the Black Lodge to court, but such an act cannot sit well with Calinda.

It is unclear how effective her efforts have been, but the money that she has funneled into such schemes has not gone unnoticed by the Prince of Shadows. His operatives have infiltrated Three Streams to some degree, and keep a wary eye on Calinda’s plots. The Prince watches, for now, and has made no effort to thwart her or alert the authorities of her actions. Should she turn her attention to the Lich King, however, it might force his hand.

Calinda Lydon

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