Clovis Autumntide

A noble warrior with a direct approach


No problem ever met by Sir Clovis could not be solved by a direct martial approach. Whether it was his relationship with his family, his future wife or his military strategy, Sir Clovis is a simple but kind man who sees things in black and white terms. The only other color he sees is gold, represented by his membership in the Golden Order, dedicated to the Great Gold Wyrm.

Early in life Clovis had an interest in weapons, armor, heraldry and all the activities associated with a noble warrior’s life. Craigin Autumntide, Clovis’ father, tried to push him towards becoming the patriarch of House Autumntide but this was not meant to be, as Clovis had other interests and they certainly did not involve the endless politics, diplomacy and false niceties at the Duchess Lysandra’s court.

Instead, Clovis found the Golden Order, dedicated to bringing hope to the hopeless, mercy to the oppressed and food to the hungry – but more importantly, vanquishing the forces of evil and enemies of the light. It would have almost been acceptable to Craigin if Clovis had at least joined the ranks of the nation of Terros but instead Clovis felt that the politics were too restraining and he would be tied down doing work that did not truly help the less fortunate. Further, while acting as squire to a knight of the Golden Order, he met and fell in love with a girl of common blood, Alphetta. This, combined with the orders he had taken with his associates dedicated to the Great Old Wyrm, sent his father over the edge, stripping him of his right to inherit, giving it to Clovis’ brother, Lucien Autumntide. In reality, this was not a punishment for Clovis, but instead a relief. It was nothing he truly ever wanted.

Clovis’ son, Largo, has been something of a disappointment to him, in some ways. Largo’s interest in court politics and and lack of interest in martial activity has always left the noble knight somewhat disappointed that his son did not follow in his footsteps. And since the rest of Clovis’ children are girls, he feels as if he is going to miss out on an opportunity to see a son become a member of the Golden Order.

Sir Clovis has a dislike of things he does not understand such as Thenidiel, one of the court mages in Dragonmeet and from all accounts, the feeling is mutual.

Clovis Autumntide

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