Damelon Autumntide

A weaver of spells and potions


Damelon Autumntide is the eldest son of Lucien Autumntide and a recent graduate of the Imperial School of Wizardry in Horizon. It seems that Lucien felt strongly about someone in his family living up to his father’s desires of a powerful wizard in the family. Damelon did not regret his choice of studies even though being away from his family and Dragonmeet was taxing.

With Damelon having returned, and as now a fully sanctioned Imperial Wizard, Duchess Lysandra has a another practitioner of the arcane arts at court, perhaps able to replace Tensring, who is increasingly untrusted and Thenidiel who, as an elf, was never fully trusted, especially by House Moranet.

Damelon has a warm and peaceful personality, thinking before acting and happy to provide insight and advice for all at court. But he is often difficult to seek an audience with as he has numerous duties for the regent, not to mention the amount of time required to keep up with his studies and training. It is said that he has taken a strong interest in the Diamond of Destiny and its care and upkeep.

Damelon is unimpressed with his young brother, Jelgo Autumntide’s antics and debauched lifestyle but turns a blind eye as he suspects he will soon grow out of it and take on a more respectable role at the regent’s court. The two currently have an icy but polite relationship but again, with Damelon so busy at court, he rarely has time to review reports of his brother’s dealings.

Damelon Autumntide

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