A shy Satyrn librarian


Dova came to work at the The Liar’s Club after the previous librarian, Olan Heeren, mysteriously disappeared 4 years ago. Her first order of business was to find out what happened to Olan and see if he stole any texts or items but the closest she could come to solving the case was determine that if had made off with anything, it was minor. Regardless, the case of Olan is, as of yet, unsolved.

After the case of the missing librarian, Dova began undertaking other projects, such as a way to maximize the space in the ever shrinking basement repository of books and artifacts at the Liar’s Club. Other projects have included how to best keep drunken members of the Half-Moon Exploring Company away from priceless items and how to combat silverfish.

Dova is a shy Satyrn who does not like speaking with others until she gets to know them which, considering her shyness, is a rather difficult feat. Nevertheless, she has made lasting friendships with certain figures in the company and is an excellent individual with whom to befriend as she can not only help find just the right item quickly, but can help impart some of the lore without having to read through the original source material. She has taken a liking to some of the new initiates to the newest initiates of the Half-Moon Exploring Company and in particular, Kouro Marmari as a fellow Satyrn. However, unlike most Satyrn, she does not seem to have the same proclivities towards frivolous antics.

Her collection of maps and charts has had renewed interest as of late as there have been greater numbers joining the Half-Moon Exploring Company. With new recruits coming in and asking for materials on a daily basis, she has been spending lots of time fetching things and assisting these new members run off on their various quests.

Whereas Dova does have a home in Dragonmeet she is rarely there, instead having a cot brought in to the Liar’s Club where she often sleeps in the basement, taking her meals upstairs in the lavish kitchen. Often the only time she is away is when she goes back to her apartment to feed her cat, Scratches.

She has struck up a friendship with Dracovel Kilvesh, the shadow elf wizard. They both seem to have similar interests in arcana and both share the symptoms of people who have not gotten out much.


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