Dracovel Kilvesh

A shadow elf wizard


One Unique Thing and Icon Relationships

Instead of a ‘One Unique Thing’ or ‘Icon Relationships’ I sort of rolled it into one aspect, stating that Dracovel ‘shares a spirit guide with the Archmage.’ It is mostly here for story purposes as I won’t be rolling Icon relationships for him but will have it pop up when the story dictates.

Racial Trait

All Hail the Shadow Queen (provides one extra Background point)


  • Cantrip Mastery
  • High Arcana
  • Evocation


  • Studied political connections in the Dragon Empire (2)
  • Archivist of dark secrets in the Library of Mournscape (3)
  • Charming (2)
  • Attunement to the Arcane (2)

Hit points: 24
AC: 12
Physical Defense: 12
Mental Defense: 14
Recovery Roll: d6+2 (8)
Melee Attack/Damage: +1/d4


Dracovel Kilvesh is the childhood friend of Suriveth Varune, both from Mournscape. Whereas Suriveth is from one of the most noble families of Mournscape, Dracovel is from ‘common stock.’ His family served the Varunes and when Suri went on her Shadow Quest Dracovel decided he would go along as well as friend, protector and confident. However, in truth, it is Dracovel who needs protection as he is clueless and naive, but he certainly makes up for it with his arcane arts.

Dracovel is kind and giving to others in need, a trait that makes him endearing to most people he meets. However, what is kindness to some, others see as a creature that is ripe as a target for trickery and mischief. Dracovel is good natured and is amazed at what he sees in the outside world.

The most interesting thing about him is his relationship with the Archmage. It seems that he can speak with this powerful icon when he meditates, sharing some type of spirit guide with him.

Draovel has recently forged a friendship with Dova, the librarian at The Liar’s Club. The two share a lot of interests, including arcane arts, history and other things that are of no interest to most others.

Dracovel Kilvesh

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