A scout operating out of Foothold


The town of Foothold has seen a recent slate of attacks by bugbears, gnolls and other creatures, possible undead. As a result, Minister Herne has increased the budget for mercenaries and scouts in order to protect the vital trade interests that Foothold relies on. Dresda is one such scout and her reputation indicates she may be one of the best in the area.

Dresda is athletic and attractive with a friendly disposition and good sense about her. Honest and hard-working, she is able to operate in an area that bears no prejudice for her troll blood. Speaking numerous languages and understanding the customs of elves, humans, halflings and a whole host of other races has served her well.

Her normal course of action is to travel along the north road to and from Foothold, escorting caravans, watching from the trees and targeting brigands and other undesireables. However, the most valuable part of her job is the ability to report back, day and night, to the marshals that oversee the rangers and scouts in the area.

During a chance meeting with Glaedwin Longclef, Ellyna Dirkane and Suriveth Varune, Dresda provided valuable intelligence about the area they were heading towards, the city of Haven.



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