Duchess Lysandra

The regent of the Grand Duchy of Terros


The Most Noble Lysandra, Duchess of Terros and protector of Bitterwood and Mistress of the Fairwind Sound of House Swiftford (or just ‘The Duchess’) is the current regent of Terros and sits in [Dragonmeet]]. In her twentieth year of rule, assuming the throne after the death of her father, Duke Meyvin, Duchess Lysandra is a driven woman, capable of intelligent and difficult decisions on behalf of her subjects, garnering respect and admiration for those who serve under her reign. But there are some who say that there is a subtle flaw with the regent and that here eyes betray a hint of madness. But these voices are not heard as no one would be so foolish as to speak such offensive and horrific things.

Opinion of the Duchess is mostly favorable with her decision to ask for tighter controls over the Order of the Burning Rose, much to the disappointment of its founder, Lord Randolf Moranet. However, Lord Moranet understands and respects her decision to keep this organization in check, lest they run rampant across the lands.

At the same time, she recently signed a decree that allowed for the infamous Black Lodge to return to court, reversing a decades long ban on the secretive organization. While there are some who believe this to be a terrible mistake, there are others who think the Duchess has something planned and has use of them to carry out nefarious plots. Either way, the Black Lodge is now conducting themselves openly at court, making others rather nervous of their presence. Further, other cities and leaders are extremely displeased at the return of this organization as they say it will only lead to bad blood, trade wars and criminal activities and increased power with groups like the Aspis Consortium. But the Duchess has stood by her decision and does not wish to discuss it openly with any of her advisers. As a result, the representative the Black Lodge has sent to Dragonmeet, Florian Bowerholdt of House Bowerholdt has become one of the Duchess’ most trusted advisers, often dining alone with her.

The Duchess’ husband, Granforth, conducts various duties with visiting dignitaries but beyond that has no interest in court activities or politics, spending most of his time in his vast gardens. Their children, Wynter and Andred appear at court as it is their duty.

The Duchess would love nothing more than to send a naval detachment to wrest control from the pirates that plague the Midland Sea, crushing their activities in Port Plunder and Port Shaw but with the Lich King having such a strong presence in the area, she must leave her ships where they are for now.

Duchess Lysandra

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