A powerful blacksmith


Efflin, and his father, Gladner, run the smithy in Dragonmeet. Located as one of the few permanent fixtures in Satyrn Market, Gladner, and now Efflin, have been taking care of the needs of the common folk in Dragonmeet for over twenty years. Whereas they specialize in horseshoes and metal fixings that can be used for household furnishings, they also have the capability of makings arms and armor but this takes longer. Fixing arms and armor is a different matter.

Efflin is good-natured, unlike his father who is more surly. Efflin has been able to drum up business by being far more friendly than his father and personable, resulting in repeat customers and strong word of mouth. Farmers from outside the village have been requesting some of their pieces and make the long trip into town (or request Philos the caravan merchant pick it up).

Ellyna Dirkane a member of the Half-Moon Exploring Company has been seen at the smithy, with increasing frequency, having more pieces done for her horse. Ellfin and she will spend hours discussing the finer points or various horse related iron products.

Efflin also has a close relationship with Philos, the traveling Satyrn trader. When Philos comes into town, the two share stories and discuss Philos’ travels. Efflin keeps a lot of materials at the smithy that Philos does not want to take with him around the Bitterwood


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