Ellyna Dirkane

A human barbarian seeking revenge for the murder of her family


Icon Relationships

High Druid: 2 positive
The Three: 1 conflicted


Horsemaster/trader: 3
Well Travelled Mercenary: 4
Survivalist: 1

One Unique Thing

Undisputed horse racing champion in Dragon Realm


The Cavallerizzo, or Horsemasters as translated into common tongue, lived peacefully in Wild Wood for centuries. They worshipped the High Druid who appeared faithfully to the clans each year at the end of the Luna Terza, or Third Moon, Festival. These clans used their gifts to become master horse traders, particularly renowned for the stoutness and spirit of their horses – perfect for warhorses. In fact, the most legendary of warhorses, Severest, came from her clan.

Perhaps drawn by the tales of the Cavallerizzo’s wealth, a marauding band swept through Wild Wood pillaging and destroying everything they met. No one survived the encounter save Ellyna who had journeyed to New Port to sell some horses. When she returned to Wild Wood, she found her village a smoldering ruin. Her husband and young daughter were victims of the carnage.

Her cries of pain and outrage were so great they reached The Red who bestowed the barbarian rage unto her.

Ellyna has spent the years since finding mercenary work and constantly searching for the leader of the marauders, Elorg. She will not rest until she can “hang his head upon her wall and pick her teeth with his bones.”

Ellyna Dirkane

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