The butcher of a thousand children


Elorg is an agent of pure evil and bloodlust. There are few creatures so reviled, terrifying and powerful as this brutal warrior. His power and influence is so great that he is seen as many in the same status as beings like the Lich King, the Diabolist, the High Druid and the Emperor.

Elorg leads the Burning Men, a group of barbarians, warriors and mercenaries who do nothing but plunder and destroy. Of course, they also like to burn. They burn anything they can hold down as Elorg loves nothing more than to hear the horrific, tortured screams of his victims, enjoying the sounds of pain. In fact, it is said that he is aroused by it, fornicating with women (whether or not their are willing) to the sounds of people burning alive.

He is called the ‘butcher of a thousand children’ for a reason. That is typically the first order of business when he and his troops attack. They round up as many children as they can and slaughter them in front of their families. On rare occasions, he will give villages a choice – surrender and give Elorg what he wants or this fate will befall the entire village. By making the statement of murdering the most weak and innocent, it is a bargaining chip he offers when the mood takes him,. Unfortunately, this mood does not take him very often.

His favorite area as of late has been near The Abyss as he wants a challenge for his men before they march to the west to challenge the Dragon Empire and the Emperor. However, this is after he has laid waste to the good and primitive people of the Wild Wood, in particular the suffering he delivered to the people of Ellyna Dirkane’s village. What he and his men did to her family is best left untold.

Elorg’s agents have been found as far north as Dragonmeet perhaps scoping it for weaknesses. And the ships they have commandeered have made them a terror on the high seas, but since the various pirates of the Razor Coast have far more experience, they do not post the same level of threat – yet. But this barbarian king will certainly be something the Dragon Empire will have to deal with sooner rather than later.

Rumors persist that shadowy organizations have made a pact with Elorg. Perhaps it is the Aspis Consortium or perhaps it is the Black Lodge that has thrown their lot in with him. Or perhaps these are mere stories that people have created to help them understand how a man so powerful and evil could operate without more sophisticated help. But the Burning Men are coming west, whether they have secret backers or not.



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