A rogue, loyal to the crown


Fiona, and her companion, Lady Henrietta Throckmotten, are travelers in the Dragon Empire who seem to acts as attaches for government officials and nobility. Fiona, with an adventurer’s spirit and seductive charm, usually acts as the negotiator in their travels.

Little is known of Fiona’s personal past as she seems to keep it closely guarded. Her accent seems to be from a more urbanized area of the Dragon Empire, but a specific location is unknown.

Fiona_and_Lady_Henrietta.jpgFiona has a clear interest in the supernatural, as well as fortune telling and myths as it was at a chance meeting at the Harlequin and Tankard Inn that she that mentioned to Kouro Marmari about the seeress in Witchburn. Of course, it was this chance meeting that also led to the attack by Rosaro the Foresaken, an undead servant to the Lich King and a sworn enemy of Fiona and Lady Henrietta.

The relationship between Fiona and her traveling companion, Lady Henrietta, seems to be more than just professional as careful observers have noted they seem to have a deeper relationship.


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