Florian Bowerholdt

The representative of the Black Lodge in Dragonmeet


Recently, when Duchess Lysandra lifted the ban on the Black Lodge in Dragonmeet, Florian Bowerholdt appeared from New Port in order to press their interests and advise the Duchess on a variety of political matters.

Florian is a member of House Bowerholdt the real controlling power in New Port and one of the wealthiest noble houses in the Dragon Empire. He is well over 90 years old but is spry and active, moving about as a man 30 years his younger. He is often one of the first figures in the Duchess’ throne room in the morning and almost always one of the last ones to leave, whispering things in the ear of the Duchess constantly. He is one of her few advisers who is granted special, private meetings with her.

To say that most members of court do what they can to avoid Florian as he gives them a distinct chill and is unsettling to be near, the Duchess does not feel this way. In fact, she seems to find him charming and well spoken. For a man of such advanced years, he is an excellent orator and can debate some of the best figures in court.

For his part, Florian is well versed in political matters, the maneuvers of Elorg and his sinister Burning Men, the most up to date rates offered by the Sons of the Mountain King and any of a host of other things that go on in the Dragon Empire. His network of spies is vast, reporting to him by means both mundane and, no doubt, arcane.

Interestingly, Florian denies any personal involvement with the Black Lodge, claiming that they has selected him as a representative to speak on their behalf. He is quick to point out that their agenda is not necessarily his. However, most dismiss this as an unbelievable lie in order to shield him from from culpability if they are suddenly found out of favor with the Duchess.

Florian Bowerholdt

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