A storyteller with a taste for the finer things


Galdurgo is a storyetller in Horizon who, while loafing about at the Golden Whistle pub, likes to regale people of his adventures – which may or may not have actually happened to him or even happened at all.

It is not uncommon for Galdurgo to be surrounded by gawkers, impressed by his tales. However, for as tall as the tales tend to be, there seems to be some measure of truth as Galdurgo seems to be well versed in a variety of topics. Part sage, part bard, Galdurgo does seem to know a lot of influential people in Horizon as well as access to numerous libraries and institutions. He never seems to have an interest in buying his own food or drinks and seems to have very expensive tastes.

For instance, he seemed to have some very detailed information for Ellyna Dirkane on the Dire Wood as well as the unusual experiments that the Archmage had been conducting there, angering the High Druid. Further, he seemed to know about Boltstrike Pillar a tower in the Dire Wood that had been used by the Archmage’s proteges but had recently been seized by the agents of the High Druid. Further, he suggested to Ellyna that a faster mode of transportation to the Dire Wood might be flying skiffs found outside of Horizon.


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