Agent of the Prince of Shadows


Giannatella is a friendly, albeit aloof, agent of the Prince of Shadows. First encountered by Suriveth Varune, Kouro Marmari and Glaedwin Longclef shortly after they were initiated into the Half-Moon Exploring Company she asked them to steal a mysterious ring from the displayed treasures from Haunta Autimtide’s treasures she had brought back from parts unknown. It seemed that the Prince had need of it.

After giving her the ring at Dirty Vixen she explained to them that the Prince had smiled on them and their friends, and that she and her associate, Captain Athrix were authorized to provide them passage on Athrix’s ship, the Harpy’s Wake, normally docked in Dragonmeet.

Gianna wields a weapon called the Rose’s Thorn, a mastercrafted shortsword with magical properties. By her name and accent, it would seem she is originally from the area of Axis.


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