A hardened dwarven druid


Grimwalk is a dwarven druid in the service of the High Druid. It is alluded to that he had a previous life of mining and adventuring when something happened to change his attitude. Giving up his adventurer’s life and, frankly, all the associations with the dwarven culture, he trained as a druid and dedicated his life to serving nature.

His dedication caused those around him to see the importance of the High Druid’s work and eventually he was surrounded by human and elven rangers who felt the same about the experiments of the Archmage in the Dire Wood. Eventually, they had a plan to seize control of the infamous Boltstrike Pillar research tower. Waiting patiently, they observed the wizards that lived there depart and moved in, preventing them from returning.

As of yet, the Archmage and his forces have not resorted to violent actions to evict Grimwalk and his associates but Grimwalk is not about to rule out the possibility.

When agents of The Three attacked Boltstrike Pillar, Grimwalk was injured and taken out of the fight, but fortunately members of the Half-Moon Exploring Company were there to set things right and fight off the attack.


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