Haunta Autumntide

A young lady driven by exploration and adventure


Haunta Autumntide is the only daughter of Lucien Autumntide and shares her father’s sense of wonder and passion for speech. However, unlike her father, her passions also run towards personal adventure and exploring the world. On her 18th birthday, not so long ago, Lucien gave to his daughter a ship for her very own to do with as she saw fit, Hell’s Fury which Haunta uses as her own personal vessel of exploration.

What surprised many was that Haunta did not decide to join the Half-Moon Exploring Company as was assumed she would. Instead, she decided that she did not want to be constrained by those rules and instead break out on her own and choose her own path, choose her own crew and choose with whom she would deal with and work for.

Haunta’s independence is extremely important to her. Certainly, the Hell’s Fury was a gift from her father, but she has been negotiating her own deals, hiring her own crew and keeping her finances far apart from that of her family funds. She hopes to make a name for herself as an adventurer as well as a powerful and influential figure in not only Terros but beyond the kingdom as well.

Recently, Haunta managed to walk away with her first commission from the Sons of the Mountain King a dwarven mining concern and money lending operation, tasked with charting out newly discovered mines along the Cyromeer coastline. It is said that she has already seen a number of unusual creatures that also began to appear along the coast and has returned to Dragonmeet to record her findings.

Haunta pays little interest to the matters at Duchess Lysandra’s court as she is singularly driven by the desire to explore, create adventure and make a name for herself. She speaks freely and openly on anything that is on her mind, being honest and often direct. She is far from naive but does seem to have a good relationship with her cousin, Largo Autumntide, to the surprise of many.

Haunta Autumntide

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