Heinreig III, Emperor of the Dragon Empire

The undisputed ruler of the Dragon Empire


Heinreig III assumed the Dragon Throne when his father, Reichlindt IV passed away peacefully over a year ago. The main concerns that Heinreig has are the growing forces of the Lich King as well as the increasing threats from giants, demons and other foul creatures that menace his realm.

The Emperor’s allies, the Archmage, the Priestess, the Dwarf King and the Elf Queen all work toward peace and prosperity of the lands even though they may have different interpretations on how to achieve these goals. The Crusader and the Great Gold Wyrm are duty bound to serve Heinreig but they seem to have their own motives.

As stated, whereas the Emperor is a loyal servant of goodness and light, the looming massive threats as well as keeping diplomatic ties with his allies keeps him distracted from the everyday plights of his citizens.

Heinreig is increasingly distrustful of Silivrenniel, due to her secrecy and constant whims which alter their alliance. Further, the supreme Elf Queen seems to be aware of Silivrenniel’s desire to take her place as an icon and puts words of mistrust in Heinreig’s ear to that effect.

Heinreig III, Emperor of the Dragon Empire

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