A woman of dubious honor and loyalty


Illirend was on track to join the Half-Moon Exploring Company several months ago, along with several of the most recent initiates, but when plans changed a week before the initiation ceremony and she was replaced with Suriveth Varune and Dracovel Kilvesh, Illirend obviously felt spurned. It was not long before she began taking it out on Suriveth as Illirend made it clear she blamed the shadow elf bard for her predicament. Illirend was initiated during the next class of recruits, but she still felt humiliated.

It is clear that Illirend has some attraction towards Alcide Throckmotten; many women do. However, she does not fawn over him, instead making more subtle advances, gauging his interest.

Many who know her do not fully trust Illirend as she has been very secretive about her past. Some say she is a former assassin who killed merchants for profit in Axis and Glittergarden before coming to Dragonmeet while others say she was with pirates in Port Plunder. Either way, all agree she has a decidedly infernal look to her.

When she was finally inducted into the Half Moons, she and the other initiates from her night immediately formed their own company, the Starkblades.


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