Jelgo Autumntide

Young noble with an adventurer's spirit


Jelgo is the youngest son of Lucien Autumntide and at mere 17 years of age has developed a reputation as a charming ladies’ man and bright scholar and someone who will likely some day be a powerful member of House Autumntide. His quick wit and sharp mind may be a strong benefit at court but to the angst of his father, young Jelgo has been spending more of his time at the taverns of Dragonmeet, specifically at The Liar’s Club.

It is said that Jelgo has an interest in cards, dice, women and drink and can hold his own in a conversation about politics, as well as bawdy jokes. His coins run free when out on the town and as a result often has no shortage of a retinue for his excursions.

He recently was put to work for the Half-Moon Exploring Company under Linohvale, cataloging maps and charts. It is clear that Jelgo has a much deeper interest in becoming a full adventuring member of the company but for now, it has been expressly forbidden by his father.

Jelgo Autumntide

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