Jorgan Ovelon

Lord Mayor of Dragonmeet


Jorgan Ovelon oversees the day-to-day affairs of running Dragonmeet. As Lord Mayor, he has numerous duties, but functional and ceremonial that keep him very busy. He has presently been dealing with a variety of issues involving tax increases to visiting ships, specifically merchant class vessels, that have made him unpopular with visitors.

Lately, Jorgan’s daughter, Silindras, has been accompanying her father on many of his meetings, rising to speculation he may be close to the end of his tenure as Lord Mayor, making his daughter the first Lady Mayor in Dragonmeet’s history.

Jorgan may then have time to focus on his duties as patriarch of House Ovelon, a house with a massive number of family members which reputedly all squabble with one another over petty disagreements.

Jorgan Ovelon

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