Rough owner of the Slippery Squid


Jorune has owned the Slippery Squid for over 15 years. As the first tavern one comes to off the docks, it remains a popular fixture and for some sailors who come to Dragonmeet may end up being their only exposure to the city, unaware that much else even exists. Jorune is gruff and downright unfriendly to those he does not know but is a loyal ally to those he trusts and calls friend.

Whereas he is a good source of information on ships that come and go from Dragonmeet, he does not betray a confidence and does not tolerate his staff to easily repeat some of the more dangerous and important pieces of information they pick up. However, that is not to say that a drunken fool who lets something slip is classified as a ‘confidence.’

For those who can tolerate working at the Squid, Jorune watches over them and makes sure they are taken care of. Otherwise, if they can’t cut the job, male or female, he tosses them out on their backsides. In his line of work, he doesn’t have any use for employees who can’t handle themselves or who aren’t cut out for the job. Two of his employees, Ellamara, the dancer and Bronwyn, the serving girl, are ones he carefully watches over.

Jorune has a variety of girlfriends and wenches around town he spends his time with even though some say he still married, with a wife and family somewhere far away. Regardless of the true circumstances, it is not something he freely discusses.


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