Master of the Thieves Guild in Shadow Port


Kallish has been the master of the Shadow Port Thieves Guild for 8 years and has done an excellent job of keeping his agents in line in and around the city of Shadow Port. Take enough to keep them happy and content, don’t take from the wrong people and ensure that when the group gets too big, he sends some of them packing to other areas so the spoils are enough for everyone.

Of course, with every carrot, there is a stick. Kallish is not afraid to use this stick when he has to. When members of the guild break the rules, when new thieves show up and do not pay their dues to the guild or when violence is used inappropriately, Kallish delivers a very strict and clear message. Normally, he and his agents only have to do so once.

The Shadow Port Thieves Guild as a long-standing rivalry, growing towards hatred, with The Hanged Men in Dragonmeet. The Hanged Men, effectively Dragonmeet’s thieves guild give the occupation a bad name with their brutality, wanton destruction and all around lack of discipline. Members of the Hanged Men are most unwelcome in Shadow Port for just about any reason at all, lest they bring their diseased form of the trade and infect Shadow Port.

Of all the treasures Kallish has, his most valuable treasure is Sybine, his daughter. She came to Shadow Port looking for him several years ago when her mother, in Horizon told her who her father was and where he was living. What some in his guild thought would be a problem for him turned out to be a reunion he had secretly been hoping for for years. Lavishing treasures on her and keeping her in the finest of items is now one of Kallish’s hobbies.

However, when Alcide Thockmotten was a member of the guild, he began a relationship with Sybine. Whereas Kallish was hesitant at first, he began to accept the relationship as something that could flourish. However, when Kallish discovered that Alcide’s intentions were anything but pure, he was livid over Alcide’s behavior and ordered him chased out of Shadow Port and put a bounty on his head. Just when Kallish’s men were ready to land a final and deadly blow, the Prince of Shadows intervened on behalf of Alcide, asking Kallish, as a deep personal favor, to forgive and forget, sparing Alcide’s life.

Kallish has neither forgiven nor forgotten but he has removed the bounty on Alcide. However, his presence in Shadow Port and his relationship with the guild is over and his name stricken from the guild’s history, a punishment rarely doled out. This, the Prince of Shadows found acceptable.

Wes Alfus, Kallish’s right-hand man, secretly maintains a good relationship with his friend, Alcide, even though he is constantly shocked at some of his bad decisions. It is suspected that at some point Wes will help repair the breach between Aclide and the guild. But time needs to heal those wounds.


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