A Sell Sword With A Debt to Repay


L’Gresh used to be a member of the infamous mercenary company, the Burning Men, led by the legendary Elorg, who, if hired to sack a city, village or even a tavern, would leave no survivors and burn everything to the ground in their wake. Even from the beginning L’Gresh had a bad taste for this business.

L’Gresh’s life changed during a fateful visit to Dragonmeet. One night while stumbling home from a long drinking session, he encountered a group of half-orcs being ambushed in a back alley. L’Gresh, feeling some level of kinship, ran over to defend his kin against their attackers. L’Gresh , reflexes slowed by too much drink, was almost killed in the ensuing battle. The tide turned when Alcide Throckmotten came to his rescue. Alcide placed himself in front of L’Gresh and held off the assassins until his friends Kouro and Lady Bliss arrived to turn back the threat. After the battle, they learned they had thwarted an attack by the mysterious Black Lodge. L’Gresh, decided to leave the Burning Men for good and swore his loyalty to Alcide- he owed him his life and planned to repay the debt by joining him as his bodyguard and adventuring companion. As to why the Black Lodge was attacking a simple group of half-orcs, this was never determined.

Since then they have both men have been involved in an ongoing quest to find Darkveil, Lost City of Gems.



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