Lady Bliss

First mate about the Dragon's Fury


Lady Bliss, or just ‘Bliss’ to her close friends, is the first mate about the Dragon’s Fury, based out of Dragonmeet, serving under Captain Bully Blackwater. When not at sea, she spends most of her time between the various inns and taverns of Shadow Port and Dragonmeet, looking for gambling, attractive men and relaxation as she gets very little of that when adventuring at sea. Traveling to places like Port Shaw and Port Plunder along the Razor Coast can be very taxing.

In Dragonmeet she prefers the moving away from the docks from the hustle and bustle of places like the Slippery Squid and can be more often found at The Dirty Vixen, a place that has high-end gambling, consorts for hire and more expensive drinks. It keeps the riff-raff out, as she says. And they allow her to pay a little extra to not mind her pet monitor lizard, Tummy.

Lady Bliss sees herself as a lady of refinement, culture and good breeding – for an on again, off again pirate (a term she violently denies). But this is often betrayed when angered as she can let loose a flurry of obscenities, drunken threats and spitting insults towards dogs and curs.

She has a close friendship with Alcide Throckmotten, someone with whom she has prior experience on ships before she was taken aboard the Dragon’s Fury. When both are in town they can be seen together in each others’ company, drinking and talking about the old days. She has also made a connection with the powerful orc mercenary, L’Gresh, after helping save his life from warriors from the Burning Men, an organization she despises to her very core.

Lady Bliss

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