Lady Henrietta Throckmotten

A knight with connections high and low


Lady Henrietta of House Throckmotten is a distant cousin to Alcide Throckmotten. Whereas Lady Henrietta seems to have minimal interest in managing the affairs of her once powerful family, she seems to have forged her own path within the upper echelons of the nobility. Whereas she does not seem to look down on her Magnimar based cousins, she does seem somewhat suspicious of the stories that Alcide is a reported pirate, or more politely put, a ‘water-based adventurer.’

Lady Henrietta seems to have had a childhood friendship with Princess Argenta, living with her in Haven in their youth. As they got older, Lady Henrietta worked on martial prowess while Princess Argenta learned more about running a country. This close, personal relationship with Princess Argenta allowed Lady Henrietta to become a personal messenger and courier to her.

Fiona_and_Lady_Henrietta.jpgIn her travels, Lady Henrietta made the acquaintance of Fiona, a rogue and spy. The two make a formidable pairing as between them they cover direct combat as well as indirect spying. Of course, to close observers, the two seem more than just friends.

In a chance meeting at the infamous Harlequin and Tankard Inn, Lady Henrietta and Fiona worked with Kouro Marmai, Ellyna Dirkane and Suriveth Varune on their way to Haven. While there, Lady Henrietta mentioned her relationship with Alcide as well as Princess Argenta and also referenced the seeress of Witchburn. While there, the group was attacked by Lady Henrietta’s enemy, Rosaro the Foresaken.

Lady Henrietta Throckmotten

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