Largo Autumntide

A noble with less-than-noble aspirations


Where Largo’s father, Sir Clovis Autumntide is pious, respectful, driven and direct, Largo is amoral, shiftless, lazy and wily. Largo serves at the court of Duchess Lysandra as a mid-level functionary, assisting the nation’s Minister of Treasury, but this is hardly what he wishes to do long term.

Largo has made it very clear that his interests are in getting an appointment at the royal court in the capital city of Axis leaving behind the people of Terros and Dragonmeet forever and making a name for himself in the capital. However, he has done very little to prove himself worthy as the other ministers of the regent’s court do not believe he would represent Terros’ interests well. However, it may come to pass that Largo will some day resort to blackmail – or worse – to get an appointment in Axis. Needless to say, he is one who should not be trusted.

It is said, however, that one area in which he does hold sway is the arena of rumors and diplomacy. He understands the finer arts of speaking – and when not to speak. Members of court reluctantly come to him for rumors or information and he is slowly learning to use this as far more valuable currency than to coffers he oversees.

Largo Autumntide

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