Layla Throckmotten

A student of a master chef


Layla Throckmotten is no fool. She is well aware that her family is in decline and House Throckmotten is on the verge of losing status permanently. The bad decisions by her father, Minster, compounded by her uncle Eldred’s weakness and her brother Alcide’s rowdy adventurer’s life means that she needs to act now in order to salvage her future.

When she petitioned her uncle to move to Dragonmeet to work with a renown chef, Master Kodus, Eldred initially forbade it. He felt this sent the wrong sign to the rest of the noble houses. But when she explained that she could tell everyone it was a hobby and that they were paying Master Kodus for the privilege, it seemed to settle better with him. Besides, it was one less person he had to deal with at the crumbling and decaying Thockmotten estate. Besides, there was the chance she would find a rich merchant husband. Or, failing that, a husband.

Layla is headstrong and determined and does not follow many traditions she was taught. She speaks her mind, learns about politics and certainly learns about business and trade. In her mind her days of a noble are already over and she is learning to adapt, a skill she has mastered.

She certainly cares for her brother but cannot abide or condone his adventuring lifestyle, especially what she sees as a mad quest to find the lost city of Darkveil.

Layla Throckmotten

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