Lucien Autumntide

Patriarch of House Autumntide


Wielding power from Harvestfell, the ancestral Autumntide estate, Lucien Autumntide is the family patriarch with a close relationship with the Duchess Lysandra of Terros. His valuable counsel and seemingly endless coffers have made him a powerful and influential member of the regent’s court and whereas he has not taken the role of the regent’s official adviser, there is no doubt that most people accept that Lucien has the most influence with the regent.

House Autumntide had its humble beginnings when Terros was first carved out and Dragonmeet was first founded, 500 years ago, as a political counterbalance for the warring countries in the area. As one of the first families to accept what was thought to be a harsh existence, forging a new artificial nation, they were awarded vast property in Terros that they in turn used to attract peasants and competent farmers to tend the land.

Lucien’s father, Craigin Autumntide, had dreams that his son would some day be admitted into one of several prestigious mage colleges and that his other son, Clovis Autumntide, would rule the family interests. But this was not to be, as Clovis chose to marry a woman below his station, enraging his father and forcing Lucien to be the family patriarch.

Lucien’s personality and charm made him very popular at the the Duchess’ court and his convincing manner actually managed to reap dividends with the regent. Lucien was able to convince the Duchess to reverse the age-old practice of barring the nobility from taking a role in the merchant class. This agreement became known as the Lydonhouse Concordat. While some members of the noble houses refused to sully their hands with such practices that were seen as beneath them, Lucien and a few of his associates immediately put their fortunes to work, founding different businesses and investing in various adventuring houses. Lucien bought out the Half-Moon Exploring Company and poured in resources, taking the sagging concern and producing a powerful entity within a few short months.

Lucien has vehemently denied rumors that he was instrumental in bringing back the Black Lodge to the Terros court or that he had any involvement with the antics of the decline of House Throckmotten.. Lucien claims to have no need of such a dubious organization and was as surprised as anyone when the Duchess lifted the age old ban on them.

Aside from Clovis, Lucien’s elder brother, other key members of House Autumntide are: Annaleigh Autumtide (Lucien’s wife), Damelon Autumtide (Lucien’s eldest son), Haunta Autumtide (Lucien’s daughter). Jelgo Autumtide (Lucien’s youngest son) and Largo Autumntide (Lucien’s nephew and Clovis’ son). Beyond these influential members of the family, there are several other extended family members with the Autumntide name as well as numerous loyalists to House Autumntide.

Lucien Autumntide

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