A dubious shadow elf alchemist


Marshalla, if that is in fact her real name, was discovered aboard the ship, The Mist. Several adventurers, including Ellyna Dirkane, Suriveth Varune and Glaedwin Longclef assaulted a group of Elorg’s Burning Men as they came into Dragonmeet and when they searched the ship, they found this woman with strong shadow elf blood, claiming to be a prisoner of the Burning Men. This was later found to be a lie and that according to later sources, Marshalla, using the alias Hassarah.

It was concluded that Marshalla was an agent of Elorg and in some way associated with making contact with dissidents in and around Dragonmeet for purposes of an alliance with Elorg. For her part, Marshalla was set to conduct the negotiations as well as work on dangerous alchemist fire for use in Elorg’s terrorist war.


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