Master of Poisons

A shadowy individual who works with deadly substances


The Master of Poisons is the only name known for this dark figure that works the late nights of the streets of Dragonmeet. Few know where he came from and none know where he goes after his business done. However, he pays very well to procure certain ingredients from far away places and charges a premium price for his wares which are some of the best in the Dragon Empire. Curiously, he only operates in Dragonmeet, refusing to go elsewhere or, as many can tell, even leave Dragonmeet.

Some believe that the Master is some kind of ghost, tied to the city, operating in arcane ways. Others suspect he is a former employee of spurned House Bowerholdt afraid to leave as it would be easier to track him down. Most think that he merely likes Dragonmeet due to the massive amount of people who come and go through the docks on a weekly basis that it is much easier to conduct his business this way.

Nobody has ever seen him with a bodyguard or associate. However, there are stories of those who would try and discern his true identity or to double cross him. These individuals have done so at their own peril and the Master makes it a point to ensure that this is seen as a very dangerous folly.

His customers tend to be equally as zealous about their privacy and a few guilds of assassins have made their way to Dragonmeet just to purchase a few doses of his deadly poisons. The Hanged Men and the Broad Toe are either too disorganized for him to do business with or simply does not trust their competency. Either way, he only deals with the wealthiest of clients for a reason.

One individual whom the Master seems to trust in small measure is Glaedwin Longclef who has brought him ingredients in the past. However, the Master has made it clear that this should not be mistaken for friendship, but more of a special business relationship.

Master of Poisons

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