Deceased thief and one-time fiancee of Glaedwin


Nonnette was an unknown rogue and conwoman halfling who came to Dragonmeet for reasons that are not still clear to those few people who knew her. She came, perhaps seeking Alivyre the Expert as a way of unloading a gem she had stolen from a powerful merchant family. Either way, when her roommate, Druuna, of the Dry House Pub introduced her to Glaedwin Longclef her fate was sealed, perhaps worse than anything the true owner of the gem could have meted out to her. For she would soon come to feel fires that burn deeper than the love she would come to feel.

Nonnette became fast friends with Glaedwin and at one point she was certainly using him to get close to the Longclef Traders, a small band of merchants, travelers and teamsters who hauled thing from location to location. She accompanied Galedwin and his family to the Fangs for a delicate job involving the Master of Poisons.. Their relationship faltered when she confessed she had stolen the gem, mentioning it was from a merchant, or a noble – either way, the story was suspect and Glaedwin thought it could have been something darker.

En route to Burrow, where the family had business and where Glaedwin had collected a bottle for the Master of Poisons, Galedwin and Nonnette decided they would wed but until they could return to the sacred glen where Mana and Poppi Longclef were married, as was the Longclef tradition. It was the night after making love underneath the moon, on the dry land near the swamps of The Fangs that Nonnette told a further story to Glaedwin that she was not exactly who she claimed to be and told him she had been in possession of stolen property. As she lay there, struggling to tell him the truth, a group of shadowy figures emerged from the trees moving quickly towards the Longclef encampment. Struggling to put their clothes back on and see who these ominous looking strangers were, they came upon the encampment to find the newcomers slaying several of the Longclef family members. Frozen with terror Glaedwin could merely look on in horror. Whether it was because Nonnette needed to act in the defense of her soon-to-be family or for some other reason, Nonnette sprung into action where Glaedwin could not.

She tore into the strangers with anger and passion but as the moon struck the faces of these strangers, Glaedwin realized they were far more terrible than he could have imagined – they were undead and their leader was an undead, skeletal figure using magic – the very likeness of Vecna, the Lich King.

As the undead minions ripped into Nonnette, her precious blood spilling to the ground, staining the once cool grass, now hot with blood, Glaedwin knew he had to do something. The ingredients he had gotten to trade from the Master of Poisons were hurled in the direction of the altercation, immediately igniting upon impact, sending the entire encampment into a conflagration. Within moments everyone on the scene was aflame, some burning alive, some burning corpses and others burning undead.

Aside form Glaedwin, the only figure to escape was the figure suspected to be Vecna, disappearing into a mist of poisonous black smoke. This was the end of Nonnette but not of her story.

Naturally, nobody would believe a story that Vecna, himself, was the one who Glaedwin encountered but Glaedwin returned to the Dragon Empire. Weeks later when Glaedwin found himself returning to Dragonmeet to beg forgiveness from the Master of Poisons for ruining his deal, thinking it would be better to escape with his life than to anger the Master, he was torn between two bad choices. But a ghostly apparition came to him, the very visage of Nonnette. After the initial shock, she spoke to him but it was as if she was in a distant place. She told him not to worry, that the Master of Poisons already knew of the tragedy and surprisingly understood and would actually forgive Galedwin – if he was honest.

Nonnette’s haunting words rang true and the Master was more understanding than he had any right to be.

On occasion Nonnette would return to speak to Glaedwin in a time of crisis, peril or stress, helping guide his way through difficult times. Though her statements are cryptic and she is seen by nobody else around him, he knows she is there, still in love with him, trying to help him form beyond.the grave she was never able to have.


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