A Satyrn trader who speaks few words


Philos has been a trader in the area of Bitterwood for 10 years. He moves back and forth between Moss-on-Stone, Mercy, Dragonmeet, Hedwin’s Farm and a variety of other places which have no names but are merely settlements and collections of farmers. On rare occasions the shadow elves from Mournscape trade with him when they have need of some of his wares.

It seems that Philos has made quite a small fortune, or some would think. His prices, while fair, seem to have quite a turnover in inventory. He does maintain a small cave near Dragonmeet where he stores items and where associates of his keep an eye on them when he is away. Further, he has spoken of several stashes around Bitterwood of belongings he can find when he needs them.

His operation began as a one-man affair but has grown over the years to a small caravan of helpers. But these helpers, like his inventory, experience turnover. It is not that people hate working for Philos, but there are times when he tells them they should move on as there is no more that he can teach them. There are some who say that he truly wants them to better themselves, while there are others who say that he does not want to get too close to anyone at all.

Philos claims to hail from a village that no longer exists and does not go much beyond that, as talk of his past clearly upsets him. Some suggest that where he speaks of is either very far away or could be the village of Cool Water which was, in fact, destroyed many years ago. Regardless, he is quick to move on to other topics when this arises. Otherwise, when trading with people he can be friendly but it seems he can only keep up this act for so long before he becomes inward, melancholy and distant.

Philos has had numerous traveling partners over the years, including, for a brief time, Kouro Marmari when Kouro was younger. Philos, having a larger band at the time, mad numerous treks to further locals as he had the protection. Kouro recently recalled an incident where a strange approached at night and showed Philos a document. Unbeknownst to Philos, Kouro was nearby. When Kouro approached and saw the symbol, it was an ancient arcane symbol (later determined to be associated with the Diabolist). Philos growled at Kouro to get away and seemingly the incident was suppressed from Kouro’s memory until recently, when Kouro again saw the symbol in Dragonmeet.

For a period he had some bad run-ins with the Order of the Burning Rose but was able to handle himself in these altercations. Eventually, Lord Randolf Moranet, himself investigated, had an extended conversation with Philos and then told his agents to never again bother him.

Philos speaks highly of humans, shadow elves, halflings and satyrn but has a natural dislike and distrust of other races and will typically not trade with them except for under rare circumstances. And orcs he will not trade with under any circumstances.

in Dragonmeet, he does haul his small caravan into Satyrn Market where he sets up a stall next to a human friend of his, named Efflin, a blacksmith. Efflin maintains one of the few permanent stalls in the Satyrn Market and therefore can watch some of Philos’ personal belongings he does not wish to take on the road.

For a Satyrn, Philos is one of the most unassuming, dour members of his race anyone has encountered.


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