Princess Argenta

The Princess on the Silver Throne


Princess Argenta of House de Blanc has the honor of sitting on the Silver Throne, the name given to the palace outside of Haven, located in the northern most province of the Dragon Empire. By tradition, a favored niece of nephew of the Emperor is selected to rule this area and currently that honor goes to Princess Argenta. Argenta, being the daughter of the Emperor’s younger sister, was even given a name that would be fitting of a future ruler on the Silver Throne. As Protector of the area called the Moonwreck, Princess Argenta holds dominion over a location of contrasts: some areas are a refuge for the peaceful and benign creatures like sprites, unicorns and pegasi, but the outskirts maintain threats of frost giants, trolls, and raids from the denizens of the Underdark.

Princess Argenta was whisked away from her home in Axis shortly after her 15th birthday as there was a vacancy on the Silver Throne which needed to be filled. Her father, Lord Melchior de Blanc, was pleased that his daughter was selected, of all the possible nieces and nephews to fill this particular role. Imaginably, she was unhappy about the change in her life but as fate turned out, she turned out to be a remarkable and just leader, filled with compassion and kindness, which was refreshing change from some of the past regents that were in Haven.

Now in her fourth year as regent in the Haven area, overseeing the political administration of the entire northern province, she has left much of the protection in the hands of the Golden Order, the militant knights that patrol and protect the area. While her nature is kind and accepting, she managed to work out an arrangement with the Golden Order, built upon trust and confined the local rowdiness to the nearby city of Ironwall.

She is apparently blissfully unaware of her role as explained in the Shadow Prophecy, Book IV.

Princess Argenta

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