A vile creature of spite and hatred


Quiggley is one of the most vile creatures that ever slithered through Dragonmeet. He drinks like a fish, has language that would turn back a dwarf and threatens babies in the streets. However, people live in a certain amount of fear from this halfling rouge and his skills are legendary, some even calling his skills like the ‘hands of shadow.’ But he is rarely able to get individuals to work with him for too long as they are turned away by his repugnant personality, outright rudeness and general lack of trustworthiness.

He can usually be found at any one of several taverns, drinking the day away, rotating to a new one when he has worn out his welcome and has to move on before finding the ban that kept him out has somehow been lifted. There was a point in which he was a truly feared individual, such as his days with the Brute Squad but since it was shut down, he has been something of a lone force. But the right organization could put his skills to use.

He has a special animosity for Kouro Marmari with whom he has gotten into a physical altercation on more than one occasion. The incident seems to have originally been sparked by their mutual interest in Rosiland, one of the bar maids at the Slippery Squid, feelings which were certainly not returned by Rosiland. When Kouro popped Quiggley in the nose and threw him out on his ass, it would have seemed that would have been the end of it. But Quiggley is a being of pure spite and revenge. Whereas he had plans to bring some of his boys from the Brute Squad to get his revenge on Kouro, as fate would have it, that was the night the city watch shout the Brute Squad down.

Now Quiggley can regularly be found harassing and abusing females of all ages and races when he has a mind for it. When encountered is is quite often drunk and in a surly mood. There are few people in Dragonmeet who have not had a negative run-in with this wretched cretin.

It is unknown whether or not he has any connection with the Broad Toe as there are few people who would want any prolonged exposure to Quiggley to allow him membership in anything.


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