A buxom serving wench at the Slippery Squid


Rosiland is a pleasant party girl who drinks as much ale as she serves up at the Slippery Squid. Of course, this makes her a pretty bad bar wench as she is more interested in gossiping and flirting and sitting down for a few drinks with patrons. But her boss,Jorune, puts up with it because she seems to get along well with the patrons.

However, there is one patron, in particular, who she certainly does not get along with and that is Quiggley, the vile halfling rogue. When Kouro Marmari worked at the Squid, he caught Quiggley trying to be far more friendly than what Rosiland wanted, which resulted in Quiggley taking a shot in the nose.

Currently, Rosiland and Kouro have a relationship where they are certainly free to see other people but often find each other more often than they would have expected.


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