Saerid Turquoise

A dwarf with the power of lightning


Icon Relationships:

Dwarf King (Positive: 1)
Lich King (Negative: 1)
Archmage (Conflicted: 1)


Lightning Mage +3
Dwarven Soldier +3
Chef +2
Scout +2

One Unique Thing:
I first manifest my magical powers after I was struck three times by lightning at the Battle of Hammer Falls against an undead horde when I was barely an adult.


His great-grandfather was Mezzilen, an agent of the Lich King, who is now a lich himself. When he was first defeated, his clan was exiled in disgrace. While wandering in exile, members of his clan formed the Brotherhood of the Silent Voice, an order that eventually numbered 150 warrior monks plus a few tens of acolytes who speak for them. After the rest of his clan was slaughtered at the Battle of Hammer Falls while fighting Mezzilen, the Brotherhood and the clan were restored to honor in the dwarven kingdom, and now the Brotherhood is headquartered on the third level of the city of Forge. In their HQ is a series of bas reliefs of the Brotherhood’s “Ten Most Wanted” enemies (as the enemy is slain, they take a hammer to the corresponding bas relief), with Mezzilen still at #1 (his bas relief has been reassembled many times); they have killed Mezzilen many times, but they have not yet found his phylactery and so he remains at large.

Saerid served as a scout and cook for a dwarven army near Hammer Falls until the day he was struck thrice by lightning. After his time as a soldier, he wandered the land as he began to grow into his magical abilities. About five years ago, he joined the Half-Moon Exploring Company. After a near-TPK last year, the rest of his party retired. A few days ago, he was contracted by agents of the Dwarf King to investigate the fate of the dwarven entourage that had been sent to Veldens.

Saerid Turquoise

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